Croydon Cranked is a collection of people and organisations with links to Croydon hoping to end homelessness on our streets.

Through music, we hope to involve the local community & businesses to help provide vital services and aid to some of the most vulnerable citizens in Croydon.


The money raised from ticket sales, sponsors, and donations through this site will fund an initiative being run & supported by Dental Focus to provide free dental care to Crisis members.

Whether you are a band playing in the Croydon Battle of the Bands heats, a venue hosting, or a business sponsoring, we appreciate everyone's time is valuable and do not take that for granted.


We also appreciate anyone who LIKES, SHARES, and SUPPORTS Croydon Cranked on social media to raise awareness about homelessness in Croydon.

If you want to get involved, drop us an email.


If you are an artist/band looking to compete in the Croydon Cranked Battle of the Bands 2020 get in touch.


If you are live music venue in Croydon looking to host one of our shows, please get in touch.


Are you a live music in Croydon fan? Well look no further, get your ticket to our next event.

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