• Croydon Cranked

Croydon Cranked 2019

On November 15th, 2019 the very first Croydon Cranked took place at the excellent music venue: The Front Room in Croydon's St George's Walk.

Croydon Cranked 2019
Croydon Cranked 2019

Two bands competed: Mid Life Crisis and The Harlem Racket, with the former emerging victorious via a Facebook poll on the night.

Money was raised to support Crisis, with many members of the charity being there in the evening to enjoy the show. Various methods of donations came in, from online ticket sales, on the door tickets, charity buckets, and a dedicated phone number people could text.

Music artist Chris Olson hosted the evening, offering introductions for each of the bands as well as hearty plaudits for the work of Crisis and how they help those in need.

Croydon Cranked 2019 was supported by Dental Focus and UK Film Review.

Stay tuned for more music gigs in Croydon, as Croydon Cranked hopes to return in 2020. We are always looking for new bands to play, so please use the contact form on our website to get in touch or drop us a message via social media and we will definitely get back to you. All types are music artists are encouraged to get in contact, from punk bands to solo guitarists, DJs to rappers to stringed quartets. We want to raise money and awareness for Crisis through music.

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